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Albatross Sanctos is a major character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time.


Albatross is an elderly man with gray hair and mustache. He usually wears a white mantle.


Albatross deeply loves his daughter Luvelia Sanctos and is overprotective of her, having even told her that the babies are brought by a stork. He is against Luvelia and Peter Grill's marriage, however due to the fear of Luvelia hating him and leaving, he allows it, but starts to hate Peter.


Albatross agrees that Luvelia can marry the champion from the Grand Fighting Tournament, but when Peter wins it and they want to marry, he is against it. Albatross gets angry wanting to kill Peter right away, but Luvelia gets in his way stating that if he doesn't agree, then she will run away with Peter. Facing the possibility of losing Luvelia, Albatross has no choice and accepts their engagement, but his hate for Peter only grows.

They hold a celebration that night. During it, Albatross sees Peter and Luvelia sitting on a table and asks Peter to leave them, so he can sit on his chair and talk with Luvelia. As Peter doesn't have pants due to the ogresses, he refuses and explains that not giving his seat next to Luvelia is proof of his commitment to her. Albatross gets angry, but Luvelia stops him and he leaves. Moments later he loses his temper and starts breaking things, and Luvelia comes to calm him down.

Later as he was crying that he'll lose his daughter to Peter, he was given a note from Orcland for a political marriage between Peter and a Female Orc. Thinking this would be the perfect way to end the engagement between Peter and Luvelia (and killing Peter in the process) Albatross and Babe Roastpork came up with the plan to have Peter spend time with Piglette.


Luvelia Sanctos

Albatross is extremely overprotective of his daughter.

Peter Grill

Albatross is shown to have a large hatred towards Peter as he didn't want him to marry Luvelia and would come up with many schemes to break up their engagement.

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