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Antonio Spartacos is a character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time. He was trained by Kigan.


Antonio is an ogre with big build and muscles. He has a pinkish skin with two horns and white hair with a ponytail. He has a pair of red lines on his cheeks and shoulders.


Antonio deeply loves Lisa and due to his love to her, he had devoted to herself, spending three years of his life looking for her and training. Because of that he never cared about any other woman. After meeting Mitchy Peligrima and Peter Grill, he ends up falling for her but realizes it with Peter's help. When she confess, he completely forgets about Lisa and falls in love with Mitchy.


For three years, Antonio looks for Lisa, the one he loves and arrives in town looking for the warriors guild as he heard she is there. He encounters Peter Grill and seeing him sad over a love, he encourages him. The next day, he finds Mimi, who informs him where Lisa is. Heading there, he hears her voice and enters the room, but is shocked to see her naked in bed with Peter. In his anger, he attacks Peter, but Lisa orders him to stop as she is the princess of Ogrestan.

Lisa explains she can't return home as she wants Peter's seed, since in Ogrestan she couldn't find a warrior stronger than her. Knowing he had become stronger, he challenges Peter to a duel, but he ends up loosing it. He requests another chance to prove his strenght and Lisa agrees, stating that he will fight her in a week. Understanding Peter's strenght, Antonio asks him to be his apprentice and seeing the opportunity to get rid of Lisa, Peter agrees. He spends the week training under Peter with Mitchy often visiting hiim bringing him food.

On the day of the fight, Lisa easily distracts him with her boobs and defeats Antonio. Peter realizes Antonio needs to get used to be around women. Peter pulls Antonio aside and tells him that Mitchy is known form being a connoisseur of guys with huge muscles and he would be able to win her. Peter explains that he can't beat Lisa due to being too susceptible to the charms of the opposing sex and he needs to build up experience with women. Antonio doesn't like the idea losing his virginity to other woman than Lisa, but Peter tells him he had butterfly in his stomach when Mitchy is around. Antonio doesn't deny it, but comments he is devoted to Lisa and Peter points out that's the problem as he is depriving himself of other possibilities as he is too focused on her. Mitchy who had overheard them, joins the conversation and states that he knows he deeply loves Lisa, but she deeply loves Antonio. Hearing that Antonio falls for her too and Peter leaves them alone.

The next day, after sleeping with Mitchy, Antonio feels different and Peter tells him he can now take on Lisa. However, Antonio states that he was correct for being too focused on one woman. Mitchy then shows and Antonio melts in front of her, stating that he already forgot about Lisa and leaves with Mitchy.