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Sir Babe Roastpork is a character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time.


Babe is a elderly green overweight orc. He has a blond hair and green eyes.


Babe loves eating and most of the time he is seen, he is eating. Seeing political power, he is one of the most influential patrons at Yakeppachi Warriors Guild. Using the guild, he wants to gain more political power by arranging a marriage between Peter Grill, the world strongest warrior and Piglette in order to secure his genes for Orcland and gain influence.


After observing Peter at the tournament, he sends the guild a marriage proposal. Albatross Sanctos agrees to it as he wants to get rid of Peter. They meet with Babe and he introduced Piglette. They leave them to know each other and at the dinner that evening, Peter explains that this is just political ploy and their feelings are not taken. Piglette and Peter are not ready to marry each other, they give Piglette an aphrodisiac and Babe requests they spend the night together to know each other better.

On the next day, to Babe and Albatross surprise, Piglette states that Peter didn't touch her, but as she felt undeniable connection to him, she requests to be transferred to his guild and attend Peter's need as she will keep trying to get his seed. Hearing that Babe and Albatross immediately agree.

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