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Peter Grill and Dueling Manners (ピーター・グリルと決闘の心得, Pītā Guriru to Kettō no Kokoroe) is the 11th episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


Why Peter, you wouldn't be thinking about throwing the match, right? Who Knows what could happen if your ill-advised plan to get rid of the Ogre sisters were to backfire...


Peter decides to throw the match, however Lisa comes and points him at Luvelia, showing that Mimi is next to her and warns him that if he wishes their relationship to remain a secret, he shouldn't be thinking of something like throwing the match. Peter realize he was read like a book and can't throw the match now.

The duel starts and Antonio takes a stance which Tim Robinson immediately realizes its Gigan-style Double Tomahawk, an unbeatable technique used by the Ogrestan's fearsome army, said that no living creature can withstand the crushing weight of the vortex spins. Antonio reveals he loved Lisa from a childhood and he honed his skills and also maintained strict code of sexual purity. Hearing he is a virgin, the crowd feel compassion for him and start rooting Peter to lose. However, Peter can't afford to lose and as Antonio rushes at him using his Gigan-style, Peter easily defeats him with a single swing, causing the crowd to boo him. Lisa announces him as the loser, stating she has no interest in weaklings. Antonio begs for another chance and as Peter tells her to cut him some slack, Lisa agrees to give him another chance and states he will fight her in a week.

Everyone leaves and Peter decides to do the same, however Antonio stops him, explaining that he never was able to do anything against Lisa and experiencing Peter's strength, he asks him if he can become his apprentice. Vegan and Piglette tell Peter to accept, explaining that if they train him and he wins, he will take Lisa to their homeland. Thinking about it, Peter agrees.

Peter starts Antonio's training with Vegan using her magic and Piglette her cooking to enhance his muscles. One day at lunch, Peter sees Mitchy, wonder why she is there and Piglette explains she has been coming often bringing lunch boxes to Antonio and she believes Mitchy may love him. The day of the duel comes and Antonio and Lisa come to the arena for the fight.