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Peter Grill and the Future Father-in-Law (ピーター・グリルと未来の義父, Pītā Guriru to Mirai no Gifu) is the 2nd episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


Peter's situation just keeps getting worse. The orgresses were a handful enough, but now he's facing the wrath of a pissed off future father-in-law!


Hearing Luvelia is at the door, Peter panics and quickly hides the ogresses in the closet, even though they complain. Peter then opens the door and explains he is sweaty as he was training. Luvelia comes in and tells him that she plans on telling her father about their engagement today. She asks for his support and Peter gladly accepts.

However, Albatross Sanctos declines. Luvelia comments that he agreed that she can marry the champion and wonders why he is declining now. Albatross gets angry wanting to kill Peter right away, but Luvelia gets in his way stating that if he doesn't agree, then she will run away with Peter. Facing the possibility of losing Luvelia, Albatross has no choice and accepts their engagement, but his hate for Peter only grows.

As the engagement is official, they hold a celebration that night. Peter feels bad about what he did with the ogresses. In that moment, they appear and congratulate him for his engagement, but want to repeat the "baby-making" process. They explain that his engagement is not a problem for them as they only want a child. They take off his pants and strip naked, telling him that they will keep this a secret if he continues making sex with them until they get pregnant. He hears Luvelia coming and hides the ogresses under the table and sits in a chair. Luvelia comes and sits on the table, but then her father also appears and asks Peter to leave them, so he can sit on his chair and talk with Luvelia. As he can't get up, he refuses and explains that not giving his seat next to Luvelia is proof of his commitment to her. Albatross gets angry, but Luvelia stops him and he leaves. Luvelia is impressed as no one ever stood for her like that before. In that moment, the ogresses start playing with his thing, exciting him, but he gets lucky and Albatross loses his temper and starts breaking things, so Luvelia goes to him. The girls then come out wanting to continue. Peter disagrees, but the girls state his thing is on a different opinion. In the morning, Peter again regrets of what he had done.