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Peter Grill and Relationships with Elves (ピーター・グリルとエルフの関係, Pītā Guriru to Elf no Kankei) is the 3rd episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


Lisa warned Peter that other nations would soon proposition him. Waking up and finding an elf in his bed proves she was right.


Peter dreams of finally being able to do it with Luvelia, but as he touches her chest, he finds it flat and she turns into her father Albatross. He gets scared from this horror sight and wakes up only to find out there was actually a girl on top of him. He thinks she is a thief and tries to hold her down, while the girl complains that everything would have been fine if he kept sleeping. Tim Robinson passes by Peter's room and hear noises, thinking that Peter is drinking. He enters his room and turns on the lights to find Peter and a girl naked in bed. He decides to keep quiet and leaves, commenting that Peter has balls to cheat on Luvelia.

Given the situation, the girls decides she needs to do it in the old fashioned way. She introduces as Vegan Eldriel, an elf ambassador that came to acquire his seed. Peter wonders why him exactly and Vegan states they require the inferior human seed to save their village from annihilation. As they continually failed to yield results at the Grand Fighting Tournament, they are ridiculed by neighboring countries and terrorize them with acts of aggression. The Council had chosen her to obtain optimal genetic specimen from an outside source. She invites him to do whatever he wants with her, but he declines. Vegan gets annoyed that a mere human declined her, a noble elf and states she will take his seed by force, however Peter shows her that his thing isn't even up as his heart belongs to another.

Having no choice, Vegan decides to use her ultimate weapon. She casts a spell on his crotch, explaining its a curse of forbidden sorcery and as she leaves, she tells him that by tomorrow night he will come to her on his knees pleading for mercy.

Luvelia while doing a quest, gets attacked by a creature. A guild member informs Peter that Luvelia was attacked by a Great Worm Goblin, said to devour men and defile women. Peter quickly runs towards Luvelia's location. Meanwhile, Luvelia attempts to fight him, but gets caught by the goblin's tentacles.