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Peter Grill and a Blind Date with an Orc (ピーター・グリルとオークの縁談, Pītā Guriru to Ōku no Endan) is the 5th episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


The guildmaster’s latest scheme involves a political marriage between Peter and an ugly orc. Peter thinks he’s safe from temptation, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Albatross feels like he is loosing Luvelia, but as missive comes he forms a plan. The next day he informs Peter Grill that a marriage proposal came from Orcland and they request his future offspring. Luvelia comes wondering what is going on since the guild had accepted her engagement with Peter. Albatross and Goodman explains that this is just formal and that the noble from Orcland is one of the guild's most influential patrons and it would be unwise to decline right away. They must proceed with the standard protocol and after they meet with the bride to give a police refusal as Peter wouldn't fall for the bride. Luvelia understand what he is trying to do, stating that Peter won't ever betray her.

Peter and Albatross goes to meet Babe Roastpork and he calls Piglette. Peter understands that Albatross is planning getting him into some sort of scandal, but feels safe as orcs and humans have vastly different concept of ideal beauty. But as Piglette arrives, he finds her quite cute. They leave Piglette and Peter to know each other.

Walking around town, Piglette stops and embarrassed says that she never talked that much with a man, which surprises Peter as they barely had spoke to each other. Piglette explains that master Babe has taken her as servant and that she is doing this as she was instructed to. She comments that his performance on the tournament was breathtaking, but as she is considered an outcast in Orc society and considered repulsive as she looks like a human, and only a fool would be seen with her and then runs away. She runs into three goons, who are secretly send by Albatross, but Peter comes to her rescue. As they run, she thanks him for rescuing her and Peter explains that in the human world standards, she is considered cute. She feels embarrassed, but requests they take a tour around town together and Peter agrees.

Returning to Babe and Albatross, Peter states that the marriage proposal is only a ploy to score political points and the intentions of the involved are not taken into account. He comments that Piglette feels the same and wouldn't wish to marry. Babe asks Piglette if that is true, but as she doesn't reply he comments that they have not spend enough time together and they leave Piglette and Peter in a room for the night. Albatross explains that spending the night together, they can say they at least tried. Piglette then shows with a see-through nightgown.