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Peter Grill and the Orc`s True Character (ピーター・グリルとオークの覚醒, Pītā Guriru to Ōku no Kakusei) is the 6th episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


Peter’s in quite the pickle this time. On one hand, he knows exactly what the guildmaster is trying to do. But on the other, Piglette really wants Peter to pick her pepper.


Albatross, Goodman and Babe Roastpork had given Piglette an aphrodisiac with her drink without her realizing it. Meanwhile, Piglette tells Peter Grill that her mind is made. Peter is surprised as he though she was against it. Wanting to resist, Peter explains that he is engaged to another woman, however Piglette states she doesn't mind it and pushes him into bed, explaining that polygyny is a norm for orcs. Peter explains that everything is a conspiracy and they are trying to lure them into a trap. Piglette backs off, starting to cry and stating that she knew she is ugly. He stops her, telling her that is beautiful and Piglette kisses him. As he feels he is loosing control, he tries to mediate, but then Piglette takes her clothes and seeing her breasts Peter loses to the temptation.

In the morning, Peter is depressed on what he did. He knows it was a trap, yet he was defeated by a pair of boobs and now if Piglette reports on what they did, Albatross will kill him. As Piglette wakes up, he tells her she can't tell anyone on what happened and asks her if she wants to live her life as a marionette for their political causes or wants to decide things for herself.

Meeting with Albatross and Babe, and after careful thinking of what she really wants, Piglette states that Peter didn't touch her, but as she felt undeniable connection, she requests to be transferred to Peter's guild to remain to his side and attend his needs, and will pursue the great future for Orcland. Babe and Albatross immediately approve.

Later Piglette explains that after careful thinking, she decided what she wants for herself is to prevent Orcland to get his seed. And after she gets children with Peter, she will train them well and harness their power to crush those Orcland pigs who made her life a living hell.