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Peter Grill and the Battle of the Fates (ピーター・グリルと因縁の戦い, Pītā Guriru to Innen no Tatakai) is the 7th episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


What do ogres, orcs and elves all have in common? They hate each other. Peter has absolutely no idea what he’s gotten himself into.


Piglette prepares dinner for Peter, however Mimi and Lisa came and are not happy seeing and orc and an elf there. Vegan states that Peter's offspring belongs to the elves and they can settle it by a fight to the death, but easily gets knocked by Lisa.

The girls can't understand each other, as each wants Peter's seeds. Piglette explains that she had no intention of taking Peter to herself and is fine with being one of his mistresses. That surprises the other three and Vegan mistaken Piglette for laughing at her and wants to curse her, but Peter stops her. As conflict is unavoidable, Lisa proposes they decide the hierarchy by competing using their feminine wiles and everyone agrees. Vegan then summons Agape, a fairy that can measure male arousal. Vegan then announces the rules: the one that can cause the most excitement in Peter's pants wins.

The ogresses take off their clothes and bump boobs, causing a 91 score of excitement in Peter's pants and giving him a boner that stings in his pants. Seeing that, Vegan heads into Tim's room, looking for a sexy cloth she can use and then reveal herself in a revealing almost all g-string bikini, but having a flat chest she gets a score of only 3, which annoys Vegan as she can't get Peter to get an erection in front of her. Piglette then decide its her turn, but as she was already naked in an apron, she gets 91 score as well.

The girls can't stop arguing as Vegan wants they to not use their boobs and they mock her for not having any. Tim walks in drunk and Peter asks him to stop the fighting and he states a fight is stop by booze. They start drinking and forget about fighting, but soon they start trying to give more alcohol to Peter. He realize they want to make him drunk and use him and wants to not give in temptation, but the girl then get naked.

Peter wakes in the morning with the girls around him, wondering if he betrayed Luvelia once again. He wakes up Vegan asking her what happened last night and she explains he was quite aroused that even Agape broke as his levels were off the chart. As the other girls also awaken and sparks fly again, to avoid getting in same situation, they agree on official terms about Peter's reproductive resources.