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Peter Grill and the Secret Treaty (ピーター・グリルと秘密の条約, Pītā Guriru to Himitsu no Jōyaku) is the 8th episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


All Peter wants is a romantic date with Luvelia. Is that too much to ask? Why yes, yes it is.


The girls sit to decide the terms on who and when can use Peter Grill's reproductive resources. After some arguing they manage to find an agreement and Peter follows his rigorous duties on a daily basis until the first day to rest comes.

Peter is excited and dresses up as he is going on a date with Luvelia. He spends the day shopping with Luvelia and then goes to dinner with her. As he was enjoying his time with her, Mimi shows up. He reminds her its his free day, but she comments all the better as he will be hers only. That annoys Peter as she is breaking the pact. Luvelia comments that he has been quite close with Mimi recently and Peter explains she asked him to help with her combat training. As Mimi was about to say the truth, he drags her in the bathroom. There he asks her to not ruin his date, but Mimi wants a quickie and undress. After doing it quickly, he gets back to Luvelia, only to find Vegan there, who also wants a quickie as she can also have him only for her on his rest day. However, returning to Luvelia, he now sees Lisa there and take her to the bathroom too. While waiting, Luvelia drinks wine and recalls old memories with Peter and how he sacrificed himself to protect her from a monster.

After dinner, Peter apologizes for the girls ruining their date, but Luvelia states she understands as he is popular. She comments it would be nice for the two of them to go somewhere nice and relaxing outside of guild duties and Peter agrees. As she leaves, Peter feels the girls are dragging him and she doesn't know how much he will be able to withstand their torture and still protect his relationship with Luvelia.