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Peter Grill and the Treaty`s Aftermath (ピーター・グリルと条約の行方, Pītā Guriru to Jōyaku no Yukue) is the 9th episode of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time anime series.


Peter can’t take it any longer and is about to crack like an egg!


Peter takes a bath after his date with Luvelia and feels the date was ruined. Piglette then enters the bath and proposes to wash Peter's back. She tells him, he can share his pain with her and that she don't do anything to hurt him. As he complains, Piglette takes off her towel and seeing her boobs, Peter is drawn into them and they end up having sex. To Peter's surprise, the other girls are also in the bath and they see it. They try to blame Piglette for breaking the rules, but she comments they did it first. Given the situation, the girls decide to share the fluids and all jump on Peter for another round.

Peter can't take it anymore and starts hitting the water, asking what's the point in the rules if they are going to break it. Mimi comments that there is no punishment for breaking them and that's why they feel free to break them. Realizing there won't be an end, Peter mind shatters and he runs away, wanting to leave everything behind, but soon realizes he can't leave Luvelia. As he sits, an ogre appears and is willing to listen to his problem. Peter explains he made many terrible mistakes, but he can't get Luvelia out of his mind. The ogre comments that love is out of their control and he also just arrived in this town looking for the woman who stole his heart. He has been looking her for three years and finally heard he is in Yakeppachi Warriors Guild. The ogre tells him that if Peter's love is pure, the gods will light his path with their blessings. Peter feels reassured and motivated. He explains that he is also in the guild and asks the ogre about the woman name. The ogre explains she is the strongest warrior and princess of Ogrestan, Lady Lisa Alpacas. Peter is shocked to learn the Lisa is a princess.