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Lucy Grill is a major character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time. She is as strong as her brother.


While shown to caring person, Lucy is known to have a hatred of those who would cheat on their love ones and would seriously harm or kill anyone who would do that.


Peter Grill[]

Peter's Lucy's older brother. While growing up, Peter and Lucy had a bit of a good sibling relationship, However when they got older Peter become frighten towards Lucy due to her reputation of either Harming or Killing those who would cheat on their loves as Peter fear she would kill him if she discovered his involvement with the unwanted Harem he obtained.

=Mr. Grill[]

Mr. Grill is Peter's and Lucy's father who, cheated on their mother multiply times in their lives. She grew hatred towards him as she chased him down and finally manage to catch up with him, resulting in beating him half to death and finally pulled out his you know what and put it in his mouth.


  • Twin Dragon Great Destroying Swords: "Genocide Bringer"
  • Major Armor of the Zodiac series