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Luvelia Sanctos (ルヴェリア・サンクトゥス) is a major character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time. She is both the daughter of the Guildmaster and Peter Grill's fiancee. She serves as his primary love interest, but is quite naive towards her lover's many flings. But when she figured it out she forgave him understanding he was unwillingly seduced.


Luvelia is a young woman with long black hair. She wears white dress with purple mantle and armor on her hands.


Luvelia is a nice person, but due to her father she is too innocent made believe that storks carry babies for those in love. She loves Peter and is ready to cut ties with her father for him.


After Peter wins the Grand Fighting Tournament, she meets Peter and explains that her father had given them his blessing and they can marry and later have children. Peter asks her to remind him how children are made and she explains that when two people love each other, a stork carries their child. However when they go to her father, he declines and wants to kill Peter. Luvelia threatens him that she will leave home and go with Peter and fearing that, he accepts.

They hold a celebration for their engagement and Albatross asks Peter to give him his seat and leave, so he can speak with Luvelia, however as Peter doesn't have pants he refuses stating that not giving his seat next to Luvelia is proof of his commitment to her. Albatross gets angry, but Luvelia stops him and he leaves. Luvelia is impressed as no one ever stood for her like that before. A moment later Albatross loses his temper and starts breaking things, and Luvelia goes to him.

While on a mission, Luvelia faces a Great Worm Goblin, who defeats and captures her. As he was to violate her, Peter manages to come in time and save her and kill the goblin. She takes a bath in the hot springs to heal her wounds. She hears Peter's voice from the other room and tells him the legends about this particular hot spring that anyone soaking in it is blessed with children. She invites Peter to come to her, however due to certain circumstances he has to refuse.


Peter Grill[]

Peter Grill is Luvelia's fiancee. Her love is strong enough that she is willing to threaten to cut ties with her father to be with Peter. Luvelia has a high degree of trust in Peter and is unaware about the infidelity of her fiance.