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Mimi Alpacas is a major character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time.


Mimi is an ogre with pink skin and medium long white hair. She has pointy ears and two horns with two red line marks on each cheek and shoulder. She usually wears a strapless bikini top and long stockings.


As an ogre, she is interested in power and producing an offspring with good genes. Seeing Peter becoming the champion, she and her sister start doing everything they can to get his genes.


After Peter Grill wins the Grand Fighting Tournament, Mimi approaches him and congratulates him. She asks for a favor and being in a good mood Peter is willing to listen, but gets shocked when he hears she wants babies from him. Mimi explains that as an ogre producing a strong offspring is a big deal and a champion like him is perfect for a breeding partner. He immediately declines, but Mimi doesn't give up. Lisa Alpacas, Mimi's older sister shows up and states that it will be she the one that will have his baby and explains that many nations and races will try to get his sperm. Unable to reason with them, he tricks them into looking away and uses the moment to run.

That evening, after taking a shower, Peter finds Mimi covering herself only with a towel under his sheets, but throws her out. As he returns to bed, he then finds Lisa in a towel and throws her out too. They start knocking on the door, wanting to get back in and as they create enough noise and other people start to come out of their rooms, Peter lets them in to not cause any more problems. They explain they are aware about Luvelia Sanctos, but also know they have only hold hands. Peter wants to remains faithful to Luvelia, but as the girls remove their towels and Lisa forces him to touch her breast, he loses control.


Peter Grill

Alongside her sister Lisa, Mimi wants to bear the child of Peter Grill - as she wishes to have the strongest child.

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