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Peter Grill is the main character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time.


Peter is a young man with well build body and short blond hair. He also wears a black and white tunic traced with metal Armor.


Peter is a good natured man who loves Luvelia Sanctos. In order to be with her, he wins the Grand Fighting Tournament. Due to his win, other races and nations are interested in getting his seed, causing him constant trouble, making him unable to resist or even force him to cheat on Luvelia.


Peter wins the Grand Fighting Tournament, something a human hasn't done in 150 years. On his way to Luvelia Sanctos, the ogresses Mimi Alpacas and Lisa Alpacas approach him and explain that producing an offspring for an ogre is a big thing and want his seeds, but he refuses and runs away. Meeting with Luvelia, he is reminded of how innocent she is, but she tells him that her father agreed on their marriage.

Going home and taking a shower, he finds Mimi in his bed. He throws her out, but then finds Lisa in bed and throws her out. As they make too much noise and attract people from nearby rooms, he lets them in and they manage to seduce him.

In the morning, he regrets what he have done and Luvelia comes to take him to her father. However Albatross Sanctos, refuses their engagement, but Luvelia threatens to leave him if he doesn't agree and he is forced to accept. That evening they hold a celebration party. The ogresses again approach him and strip and take his pants telling him that they will keep this a secret if he continues making sex with them until they get pregnant, but as Luvelia comes, he hides them under the table and sits on a chair. Her father also comes and wants Peter to leave, so he can talk to Luvelia, but as he doesn't wear pants, Peter refuses explaining that not giving his seat next to Luvelia is proof of his commitment to her. Albatross gets angry, but Luvelia stops him and he leaves. As Albatross loses his temper and starts breaking things, Luvelia goes to him. The girls then come out wanting to continue. Peter disagrees, but the girls state his thing is on a different opinion. In the morning, Peter again regrets of what he had done.



Lucy Grill[]

Lucy Grill is Peter's Younger Sister. While growing up, Peter and Lucy had a bit of a good sibling relationship, However when they got older Peter become frighten towards Lucy due to her reputation of either Harming or Killing those who would cheat on their loves as Peter fear she would kill him if she discovered his involvement with the unwanted Harem he obtained.


Luvelia Sanctoss[]

Luvelia Sanctos is Peter's fiancee, Peter loves her and wants his relationship with her to work, but is frustrated by her innocence. During their time dating the closes they had to a relationship is holding hands.

Tim Robison[]

Tim Robinson is Peter's friend and roommate who is the only person who knows of Peter's forced sexual actions with the other female races but promise not to tell anyone about it.


Albatross Sanctos[]

Albatross Sanctos is both the guildmaster of The Brave Swordsmen's Guild and Luvelia's father. He has a large hatred towards Peter as he refuse to let his daughter marry Peter, but submit to it when she threaten to cut off ties from him. Over the series Albatross tried many attempts to break the engagement such as having Peter fall for a female Orc who looked more human or the destruction of a ancient weapon for a ceremony as he want to kill Peter himself.


Alpacas sisters[]

Due to his status as the strongest, the sisters Mimi Alpacas and Lisa Alpacas both want to bear Peter's children so that they may have the strongest child on the continent. Even once threaten to reveal their actions to Luvelia when Peter was about to throw a match.

Vegan Eldriel[]

Like the others, Vegan came to obtain Peter's Seed in order to produce a strong elf child due to elves known for their lack of Strength but are also known for their magic. Vegan sometimes get upset when Peter doesn't get an erection when he sees her.

Piglette Pancetta[]

At first, Piglette seems shy and soft-spoken, but actually wants to get revenge on the orcs who made her life misery by calling her ugly and mocking her human-like appearance. She got nervous around Peter because she hasn't spoken to men that often, even though they just started talking. Piglette is kind and thoughtful, and even kept it a secret to the other orcs and the Guildmaster (Luvelia's father) that she and Peter had sex.

Gobuko Nggiell[]

She was found and raised by Peter and Lucy and became part of their family till she was taken away by knights who were hunting goblins. They thought she was dead till Peter was captured by the Goblins and she freed him. Due to the Goblin Queens pheromones she need Peter to have sex with her to calm down. After they escaped she became part of Peter's Harem.


Is a Dwarven genius. Peter goes to her to repair a sword and she agrees to repair it for 20 gallons of Peters junk. Her and Peter get trapped in a sex room together that won't open till either they have sex or after 30 days. Due to he size difference between them the are having a hard till having sex till Peter tells her he will take care of her for life and she loosens up and they complete the act.

Fruitalia Eldriel[]

Vegan's little sister


Menma is a Glutton Dragon, to be more precise she is one of the last few Glutton Dragons. The Order of St. Asparagus attempted to help Menma by drugging Peter's drink in order to get him to sleep with Menma in order to create a new generation of Glutton Dragons as Peter was the first to endure her during their sexual intercourse.

Tigra Pondelion[]

She is Peter's master who taught him martial arts. She lost her dojo and now wants to reopen it together with Peter and make a baby with him.