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Piglette Pancetta is a major character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time. She is an orc.


Piglette is said to be ugly by the other orcs for having a human-like appearance but is said to be beautiful by human standards, She even calls herself ugly and hideous.

Piglette is well-endowed, being said to have large breasts; she also has shiny tan skin and is tall in height despite her petite frame. She has a slim and curvaceous body; she also long, seemingly-straight, dark-purple hair that reaches her butt and is held in warrior hair-cufts that appear orb-like; deep-green eyes which her right eye is covered by the fringe or bangs of her hair; and beautiful, pink lips. She has two pairs of ears: One pair is oblong-shaped and very pig-like ears sticking out of the top of her hair/head; and another pair of pointed, pig-like ears at the sides and under her hair. She also has a pig-like tail. Piglette has a young-looking face and is usually sadly frowning due to her insecurities that were caused by the other orcs mocking her human appearance.

For her main outfit and usual attire and accessories, Piglette wears nothing she is naked, light-pink-tinted, very-short minidress with thin, spaghetti-like straps that are covered by her strands of cuffed hair; her dress leaves her cleavage on display. Her skirt has ruffles at the bottom of it; she wears orb-like cufts in her hair that are deep-red in the middle with silver around them; she also wears arm-cufts that are very tribe-looking and are white with light-brown in the middle and have white, diamond-patterned designs on them those cufts are around her biceps. She wears a tribe-like neck-brace with lapel-looking flaps at the sides of it and with light-blue, triangular patterns and a dark-brown piece in the middle of it. For her hair, besides the hair-cufts, she also accessories with a frilly, cream-colored, housemaid-like headband with a flower design tied tightly on it in the middle and her maid-like headband also a black stripe running down the middle of it. Piglette has gladiator arm-ties around her forearms and wrists in a warm-tan color and matching, criss-crossing leg-cufts on the bottoms of her legs below her knees, also. She also wears short, black shoes that almost appear as mary-jane flats.


At first, Piglette seems shy and soft-spoken, but actually wants to get revenge on the orcs who made her life misery by calling her ugly and mocking her human-like appearance; but she is sincere and has good intentions. She got nervous around Peter because she hasn't spoken to men that often, even though they just started talking. Piglette is kind and thoughtful, and even kept it a secret to the other orcs and the Guildmaster (Luvelia's father) that she and Peter had sex. She even lied to the ones who wanted them to have sex together that they didn't, proving to Peter that he can have good trust in her. She has low self-esteem due to believing that she is ugly and hideous.

Piglette is kind, friendly, and has a good heart. She doesn't seem to be that competitive when it comes to the Alpacas sisters and Vegan about Peter. She usually only speaks when spoken to first.