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Vegan Eldriel is an Elf ambassador.


Vegan is a young-looking elf with long blond hair with twin tails and blue eyes. Her clothing includes a green dress with a brown belt and white sandals. Vegan is also known for her petitie appearance as she is viewed of being flat-chested, which makes her a joke to the other harems and upset that Peter doesn't get an erection from seeing her body.


Vegan is quite prideful and her opinion about herself is quite high. She finds herself very attractive and sexy and can't understand why Peter Grill has no interest in her. She is ready to use any means necessary including forbidden curses to make Peter give his seed to her.


Vegan sneaks into Peter's bed at night and tries to have sex with him while he sleeps. As Peter wakes up and mistaken her for a thief, she introduces herself as an elf ambassador that came to acquire his seed. Peter wonders why him exactly and Vegan states they require the inferior human seed to save their village from annihilation. As they continually failed to yield results at the Grand Fighting Tournament, they are ridiculed by neighboring countries and terrorize them with acts of aggression. The Council had chosen her to obtain optimal genetic specimen from an outside source. She invites him to do whatever he wants with her, but he declines. Vegan gets annoyed that a mere human declined her, a noble elf and states she will take his seed by force, however Peter shows her that his thing isn't even up as his heart belongs to another.

Having no choice, Vegan decides to use her ultimate weapon. She casts a spell on his crotch, explaining its a curse of forbidden sorcery and as she leaves, she tells him that by tomorrow night he will come to her on his knees pleading for mercy.

The next day, Peter goes to a hot spring, but can't figure out why he has a boner. Vegan appears explaining its her curse knows as "The Eternal Erection" and having it for too long will cause damage and inability to ever get hard again. She waits for Peter to beg and as he does, she explains the dispel method is to release his "juices" inside of her. Forced with no other option, he begs her to do it and they have sex.